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Market research solutions, focused on the Consumer Sector!

Retail Trace

Need to learn more about how shoppers think and perceive retail chains? 
Need to learn more about how different shopper segments behave and relate with retailers?
Retail Trace is a syndicated market research solution that accommodates the need for valuable shopper information.
Retail Trace is designed to investigate the trace of retailers based on the image perceptions of different shopper segments.
Retailer areas under concern: Super Market, Electronics, Telecommunications, Technology
Our approach is a combination of fundamental
equity market research principles, together with clustering analysis.

Inside Out

Are you interested in learning about the daily habits and activities of consumers?
Reality is not what it looks like in social media…
What do consumers eat for breakfast?
How do they use their mobile?
How many times per week do they go out?
Do they consume snacks?
Our approach is based on the collection of real world data that ‘feed’ brands with knowledge about "true" consumer behaviour.
All above information is collected through weekly consumer diaries; it is not an average index based on perceptions.
Inside Out is a syndicated market research solution that offers detailed information about the consumers’ how, what, when and why.
Inside Out is designed to reveal the consumers’ insider stories based on real life facts and doings.
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