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Market research solutions, exclusive for the Pharmaceutical Sector!

Evidence Based Audit

Worried about Data Accuracy? 
Want to get closer to real patient information?
Evidence Based Audit is a syndicated market research tool that collects and analyses information through patient records, provided by a number of relative physicians.  
Evidence Based Audit measures specialties’ involvement, sheds light on physicians Rx behavior, enables prescription pattern analysis, i.e., prescription habits by comorbidities and patients’ profile.
Evidence Based Audit (E.B.A) is designed to cover the need for accurate patient information!

Adherence Monitor

Most industries know that it is much cheaper to keep an old customer than to gain a new one!
Chronic patients’ adherence to treatment averages only 50%, according to various metrics.
Pharmaceutical companies need to measure systematically the effects of non-adherence and reorganize to better address the issues of both: compliance and adherence!
Adherence Monitor aims at:
  • Understanding patient leakages and their root causes.
  • Defining patient groups based on their adherence behaviour.
  • Evaluating adherence programs’ effectiveness.
Adherence Monitor combines primary data & related statistical models in order to come up with an adherence index that values the influence of all different factors that affect adherence levels!

Advocacy Boards

Sometimes, your product or service is, by all means, outstanding. Still though, KOLs tend to doubt it or even reject it!
Is it possible to use variations of the DELPHI method or other Advocacy techniques to reverse the flow?
Advocacy Advisory Boards are applied in those cases, where, a brand needs strong support for or recommendation of, in order to overcome KOL resistance and inertia.
Advocacy techniques are used widely in politics and public affairs, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge that marketing borrows from.
“Don't raise your voice, improve your argument”
[Address at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa, 23 November 2004]
― Desmond Tutu, Anglican Bishop & Human Rights Activist
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