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Mobile Surveys are Here to Stay!

Mobile is the primary route for people to access the internet globally (Comscore, The U.S. Mobile App Report 2014).

Mobile accounts for 51% of the digital media (Internet Trends 2015; Code Conference, May 2015), and will soon replace desktops & laptops, since people, on average, complete 221 tasks per day on their smartphones, compared to just 140 on a desktop or laptop (Techmark, 2014).

Nothing is more certain than the domination of Millennials in spending, a few years from now. It's no surprise that these heavy spenders are more tech-savvy than older generations, which is clearly evident by their smartphone usage. The wise way to gain insightful information from this crowd, is via mobile phone surveys.

Mobile market research has plenty of strengths, however, only a few research agencies offer it and even less clients prefer it.

Mobile methodologies have the potential to become a significant research and marketing ally.

Some straightforward strengths:

  1. Speed – quicker collection of real time data as compared to any other research methodology, since users are ‘connected’ 24/7!

  2. User Friendly – easily understood questionnaires with interesting interfaces that make the survey completion more fun!

  3. Accuracy – the data collected is, no doubt, user generated!

  4. Good sample representation - 97% of the general population aged 15-65 own a mobile. This surely can guarantee random representative sampling!

  5. Value for Money – the cost of conducting a mobile survey is definitely lower than a face to face survey

Are you still wondering whether mobile market research is the most emerging methodology?

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